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Senior Backend NodeJs (with TypeScript) Developer As our Senior Node.js Developer, you will be building the backbone of our service, ensure low latency performance, great test coverage and participate in detailed code reviews. You will be involved in advanced architecture sessions combined with spearheading the interfaces for our web, mobile and other applications making this an exciting and challenging role. Our backend stacks are split between Node.js (TypeScript), .NET-Core, SQL databases, all in a Docker/Kubernetes micro-service architecture. You should be well versed across this stack. Velocity Black – “Combining human expertise with Artificial Intelligence” You will also be focused on our machine learning and recommendation engine initiatives. We strive to provide our members with a world-leading concierge experience, scaling exponentially while constantly improving personalisation and user experience. We have several data warehousing, data science, automation and machine learning projects that all prove a great opportunity for the right candidate to pick up and use to provide new, innovative solutions and see to their implementation and direct effect on our members.


  • Strong commercial software development experience with a proven track record in Node.js environments
  • High level of proficiency using JavaScript and TypeScript within a senior/lead position
  • Experience of containerisation (Docker) and container orchestration (Kubernetes)
  • Thorough understanding of scope and tradeoffs of microservice architecture
  • Deep understanding in designing and developing REST APIs
  • Strong understanding of systems using real-time interactions (web sockets, long-polling, eventual consistency)
  • Strong test focus, BDD and TDD practices including implementing automated testing platforms and unit tests


  • Excellent knowledge in relational databases
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git
  • Knowledge of messaging patterns like pub/sub and message queues such as RabbitMQ


  • Admiral communication skills – ability to converse concisely is imperative within our small but rapidly growing global teams and global providers, hence this is critical for success!
  • Learning and development – not only yourself but the whole team
  • Be a pragmatic and versatile self-starter: self-motivated, have a stellar work ethic and hold yourself to high standards
  • Problem solver – as a team, we help each other out whenever and however we can
  • Detail Focused – we’re obsessive in our pursuit of perfection and the best customer experience
  • Enthusiastic and innovative – we’re building things we care about and we love what we do!
  • Confidence & Focus – hold yourself to your highest standards – we’re obsessive in our pursuit of perfection and the best customer experience


  • Latest JavaScript syntax (ES6/7, TypeScript)
  • Experience with data science technologies (BigQuery, ElasticSearch, recommendation engines)
  • GraphQL experience

“We harness technology to empower our customers to live extraordinary lives” Check out our Medium blog Check out the Velocity Black trailer

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