Before registering, please read the following information about our services and the criteria companies need to partner with us.

We connect Lithuania-based employers with highly qualified specialists from abroad. As our partner, you will be able to post job ads on our portal, receive consultations on hiring, and participate in our marketing campaigns and career events.

Our target audience is professionals living abroad: both expats and foreign nationals. To be eligible for our programme, your company needs to:

• Post job offers intended for highly qualified specialists;
• Offer net salary not less than €1,000 for mid-level/senior positions and €830 for junior positions (internship positions are not advertised on our portal); 
• Place job ads on our portal in English;
• Provide us with quarterly statistics on applications received through the portal and any resulting hires.

If you believe you fit these requirements, please proceed with the registration process. Once your inquiry is submitted and your registration is processed, our team will get in touch.