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3752.13 Eur gross monthly

TeleSoftas was born in the head of our CEO and Founder Algirdas Stonys, between the dormitory corridors of the Kaunas University of Technology in 2004. A group of friends dreaming of the newest gadgets and a more interesting job grew into almost 200 people in six different cities in Europe and the US, today. Along the path, we kept this ethos, created in the formative years – of friendship, equality, collaboration, trust, and genuine love for what we do. We built a community and working principles and fantastic offices where these masterminds meet.
Today, besides 3 offices in Lithuania, we’re operating and helping clients from around the world, and have our representative offices in Zurich, Amsterdam, and San Francisco. Our agile teams of IT masterminds – developers, designers, system architects, project management gurus, business analysts, testers, marketers, bring their knowledge together to help companies create kick-ass digital products & solutions. How many? We lost the count. work closely together to create distinguished software solutions for clients around the world.

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​TeleSoftas is a consulting and software development service company, started in 2004 to provide high-end bespoke solutions in mobile, big data, FinTech, communications and other sectors.