Elsis PRO

Employees in Lithuania:


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Average salary:

2635.41 Eur gross monthly

The private joint stock company “Elsis PRO” – is information systems and software development company, part of “Elsis” group. Founded in the year 2004, it has taken over the experience and specialists of the projecting-programming unit of “Elsis”.

The company is located in Kaunas; more than 45 highly qualified specialists, including the system analysts, designers, developers, quality engineers and project managers, work for it. In the year 2016 the “Elsis PRO” fulfilled the programming jobs for the amount, exceeding 2,1 mln. EUR.

Our purpose: We conceive and achieve innovations fast to disrupt and bring value to conservative industries.

Our vision: We wow the world with new disruptive ideas every quarter.

During more than 15 years of operation, our company has accumulated rich experience in executing various scale projects in the public and private sector. Both in Lithuania and abroad we pride ourselves as innovators and disruptors of traditionally conservative industries. Most prominent are projects in defense and aviation domains. Our execution and delivery proved ELSIS PRO reputation as the reliable, experienced and competent partner.

Functions in Lithuania:

  • Innovation of processes and business models through ICT solutions;
  • Software development;
  • Software / hardware integration;
  • Large scale ICT projects implementation.