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Established in Lithuania:


Average salary:

2874.61 Eur gross monthly

INNTEC was founded in 2012, since then we have been growing steadily. Our company has earned the trust of customers and partners by providing high quality IT services. We have worked with various public and private organizations to help create innovative IT solutions.

Currently, we specialize in:

  • Ethereum based development. We design, and development of smart contracts using Solidity language. Based on our long-lasting experience, we have become experts in developing enterprise solutions using blockchain technology. We can design, develop, and deploy various smart contracts, including smart contracts for new cryptocurrencies and ICO.
  • Microservices based development. We design custom software using modern Java and JavaScript technologies and considering your specific business needs. We successfully develop service orientated and micro-service architecture-based solutions. We build for great usability and user experience.
  • Mobile apps. We develop cross-platform mobile applications to complement your business solutions. We build enterprise-level mobile applications to ensure mobility of workforce on the go and serve dynamic customers. We build for great usability and user experience.

Functions in Lithuania:

High value-added IT services.