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HELLA Lithuania

hiring international talent
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HELLA Lithuania plant is built up from the scratch. The greenfield advantage is to implement Lessons Learned and Best Practices from HELLA locations all over the world – for instance the new standard business division Electronics plant layout.

The groundbreaking for the production plant of HELLA Lithuania took place in October 2017 in direct neighborhood of Kaunas Airport. Roughly ten months after groundbreaking in August 2018, first series production for Build-to-Print products for the business division Lighting has been commenced. It is planned to extend the product range and to use this location to manufacture primarily sensors, actuators and other kinds of control modules for European automobile manufacturers.

The vision of HELLA Lithuania team is to base all activities on entrepreneurship, teamwork and open-mindedness. Collaboration within HELLA Lithuania as well as with all business partners is guided by integrity, proactivity and continuous development.

HELLA Lithuania team vision – being the team of open‑minded intrapreneurs in automotive electronics

December 2018: HELLA Lithuania received award as an Investment of the year 2018

February 2019: Ranked as the 3rd best employer in Lithuania in manufacturing category