Visma Lietuva

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Average salary:

4056.75 Eur gross monthly

Visma is a leading Nordic IT company. Visma Group employs more than 8500 people providing IT services to 800,000 customers in Northern Europe and generating annual turnover of more than 820 million euro.

Visma makes businesses more efficient, through offerings of software, commerce solutions, retail IT-solutions,  IT-related projects and consulting. Visma simplifies and digitalizes core business processes within the private and public sector.

Visma Lietuva has a unique no-management company culture. In brief, this means that employees have the final word. From the food we eat together to things like workplace design – we are the one’s that make the call. We believe that empowering the team is a key to success as everyone has the chance to create a company he dreams to work in. We don’t have managers. We have coaches, who are tech people and can guide you through the software development process. We offer IT solutions to business enterprises of various sizes and industries using the latest technologies. We help people improve work processes, make them more efficient and keep the most important things in focus.