Employees in Lithuania:


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Average salary:

1826.68 Eur gross monthly

About the company

We are Synergium. We manage multilingual communication projects for the world's largest brands.

The world's largest companies entrust us with their projects. We select the right technology and bring together teams of professional translators and product experts from around the world. Our delivery: communication in various languages. Our customers are all over the world, we export 100% of our services.

Where do consumers around the world find our translated texts? If your doctor examines you with a sophisticated ultrasound device, he has probably read the instructions we prepared in his native language. If you use the services of artificial intelligence (AI) or a ChatBot, we have probably participated in the training of that robot with data in various languages.

Functions in Lithuania

Project Managers, Developers, Customer Service, Marketing, Sales, Language Services, Finance Management, QA Engineers.