Green Genius

Employees in Lithuania:


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Average salary:

6.45 Eur gross monthly

Green Genius is an international renewable energy company. Its story started from a single solar project in Lithuania and today it generates green and clean energy in 8 European countries: Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Italy, Romania, and Hungary. The company develops biogas and solar (large-scale and B2B) projects. Currently, the total power of Green Genius projects that are being constructed and already implemented exceeds 100 MW. According to the company estimations, it allows to save approximately 170 thousand of CO2 annually. The total capacity of Green Genius implemented projects is planned to reach 1.5 GW by 2025, and the company is aiming to enter TOP25 of renewable energy developers in Europe.

Functions in Lithuania:

  • Engineering

  • Operations and maintenance

  • Business development

  • Innovations

  • Environment

  • Research

  • Sales

  • Finances

  • Legal

  • HR

  • Marketing

  • Communication