Adeo Web

Employees in Lithuania:


Job offers:


Established in Lithuania:


Average salary:

2260.91 Eur gross monthly

At Adeo Web we truly put our people first. We love growing together, challenging ourselves and building projects that create a global impact for our clients. From innovative and award winning projects like Topo Centras and Deeper, to leading Baltic publishers like Pegasas and Knygu Klubas, international tool retailers like Verkter, global brands like Toshiba and Lenovo, and even our own SAAS product – PassCamp – a password manager used by teams worldwide. Adeo Web offices are set up in Kaunas, Chicago and Stockholm, but our international teams work without borders. Will you join us for our next big project?

Functions in Lithuania:

  • Full-service B2B B2C eCommerce Solutions:
    • Content Strategy,
    • Platform Economy,
    • Hosting & Security,
    • Optimization & Support,
    • Strategy & Tactics,
    • UX/UI,
    • Data Analytics,
    • Conculting & Maintenance.