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Founded in 2001
Employees 160
Avg. monthly salary 2099.69 €
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About Ortho Baltic

Ortho Baltic is a developer of high quality personalized medical devices, using its latest technology and biocompatible materials. Since its establishment in 2001, the company has embarked on digitalisation of business processes, 3D scanning, design, printing, and software-driven  roduction solutions, while applying mass-customization business model. Ortho Baltic specializes into medical devices for treatment of complex and rear clinical conditions. Among its production are patient-specific medical devices, surgical guides, limb prostheses, orthoses for limbs, spine and neck, orthopaedic footwear. 3D printing technologies are also used for prosthetic covers and Pre-preg orthoses. Almost all its production is exported to Benelux, Scandinavian countries, Germany, Switzerland. Ortho Baltic is one of the biggest companies of this niche market in Europe.

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